14 Leadership Lessons: Quotes from the final day of the International Leadership Conference – San Diego

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It was a great conference! Here is the final installment of quotes from our speakers.

  1. Followers are the gem cutters of leadership, coaxing out its full brilliance. Ira Challef
  2. We need to move beyond seeing people as hired hands to seeing them as hired hearts. Kathleen Patterson
  3. Over 94% of execs and 88% of employees believe a distinct culture is important to success. Deloitte
  4. Organizational culture is molded out of what we see, say and do. Steve Trainor
  5. The common understanding of organizational culture, ‘the way we do things around here’, needs to shift to ‘why we do the things we do around here’. Steve Trainor
  6. Without objectives, goals, strategies and vision, culture is dead by dinner. Steve Trainor
  7. The lines between organizational culture and organizational brand are merging. Steve Trainor
  8. The term ‘leaderful’ defines an individuals leadership behaviors that everyone sees. Myra Dingman
  9. A servant leader influences people with selfless behaviours, giving credit rather than taking credit. Deloitte Apex Program via Kathkeen Patterson
  10. Servant leadership is doing the right things at the right times for the right reasons. Kathleen Patterson
  11. If organizations are to affect deep and lasting change, every individual in the organization must be willing to change. Porras
  12. We are all followers first. Rusty Ricketson
  13. A problem with using situational leadership is the particular leader style to be employed is based on the leaders ability to accurately determine the followers developmental level. They may be wrong! Rusty Ricketson
  14. Leader style sclerosis is the hardening of the categories: where we can only practice our preferred leadership style. Rusty Rickertson

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