About us

Suderman Solutions enhances organizational effectiveness by providing leadership, strategy, foresight and marketing solutions. We bolster organizational performance by building a healthy culture, creating strategic aligment and using the FutureReady tool to ensure you are prepared for future changes in the marketplace.

Our Passion

Our work is guided by two simple philosophies:

“Know thyself” – Socrates

“Luck favors the prepared” – Louis Pasteur

Together, these philosophies define our solutions formula:

Health   +   Strategy   =   Uncommon Results

{Staff who are Equipped,     {Direction which is Anticipatory, 

Empowered & Aligned}          Planned & Executed}

Organizational success is built on a foundation of organizational health. This is comprised of knowing who you are, what you are good at and ensuring the right people are involved. Healthy organizations have a shared purpose, understand the dynamic roles of leadership, followership and teamwork and share both cultural and strategic alignment. When an organization and its’ people ‘knows itself’, it creates alignment which is an effective incubator for success.

In addition, effective strategy must be planned and implemented. Strategic clarity is accomplished by developing a plan and ensuring that it is robust enough to adapt amidst a dynamic future. Strategic organizations understand what needs to be done today, what must be done to prepare for tomorrow and who is responsible for the tasks at hand. Organizations who are prepared will encounter a disproportionate share of good luck!

By combining organizational health with effective strategy you can achieve uncommon results. Helping you accomplish this is our passion.

Our skills

We work with a wide variety of organizations. Our sweet spot is found when apply our core solutions to small to medium sized businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations:

Strengths-based Leadership Development
Strengths-based Teamwork
Organizational Alignment
Strategic Foresight
Strategic Planning
Marketing Support

Our Leadership

Suderman Solutions is owned and run by Dr. Jeff Suderman. Jeff has 22 years of career experience of which over 14 years were at the executive level. Experience includes sales, marketing, leadership & team development, strategic planning & foresight, coaching, higher education enrollment management, as well as teaching. Educational achievements include an M.A. in Jeff Head Shot 3.jpgLeadership (Trinity Western University) and a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership and Foresight (Regent University). His work has been published in both popular press and academic journals and he has conducted hundreds of presentations and workshops.  A select group of trusted partners are used for some projects and more information about them can be found on our partners page.