Mission & Values

Successful organizations know what they are good at as well as what they are not. They also have explored the future in order to FutureReady their organization, a critical success factor in a rapidly changing marketplace.

About Us

When good people work together outcomes can be achieved which we cannot do on our own.

Our company began in 2003 as a result of this belief. We engage in consulting projects with companies who want to be better. This has included projects such as executive coaching, research, developing organizational & departmental strategic plans and analysis of sales & marketing plans. Our passion is integrating current organizational realities with vision and strategic direction.

Our Ethos

Our logo represents the core ethos of what we do. Overall, the logo is an arrow pointing toward the future. The colors represent the different personalities and perspectives organizations must align to move forward. The end of the arrow is a window with four pan

black letter logo_black letterses. Each of these windowpanes represent a perspective on our organizational challenges, opportunities and future. The far left pane which completes this window is invisible and you may not have noticed it. This pane represents the unseen perspective or the breakthrough solution we will discover as we

work together. The color green represents strategy, growth and planning. Orange is a color of excitement, action and movement. Together these two colors symbolize planning and the acting. This is what Suderman Solutions exists to do.

Core Values

All of our work embodies the following core values:


People are the most important resource an organization has. We place a high value on the development of motivated & equipped people.


Results are achieved through a combination of skills and knowledge – yours and ours. When we do this with the right people, work is fun!


Solutions are usually found in our collective ideas. This requires active listening and then synthesizing ideas to create clarity.


Lasting solutions need to align strategy with your preferred future.  Strategies must be broken down into actions with measurements. A good plan acts as your roadmap.