Strategic Alignment

We work to equip employees with skills and knowledge needed to do their job. This empowers them to do their best and also ensure that their efforts are aligned with organizational priorities.

If you have ever rowed in an eight man rowing shell you understand the need for organizational alignment. A rowing team is led by someone in the back of the boat  (the coxswain) and carried forward by the synchronized actions of eight individuals who are all facing backwards. An error on the part of one quickly affects the performance and the course of everyone.

Effective organizations share this same need for alignment. Studies show that alignment fosters success. As a result, we use two proven tools which help you assess where alignment is strong and where it needs work. Our process will both assess current conditions and develop follow-up activities to strengthen alignment.

Aligning Strategy

The Strategic Organizational Alignment tool is a two-step process designed to help you understand how your organization is aligned in relation to their strategic work. In the first phase, a simple survey is used to assess six different broad areas of organizational alignment. This information is compiled and prepared into a summary report. During the second phase, the results are reviewed and discussed as a group. As part of this process we work with you to develop a list of follow-up actions which will help you gain greater strategic alignment. This tool can be used for either divisions within an organization or as an organization-wide process.   Tell me more!

Aligning Culture

The Cultural Organizational Alignment tool is a process that utilizes a simple survey to collect information about employees views of your culture. This tool has been used by hundreds of organizations and contains extensive comparative data. The results of this process provide organizations with two perspectives on their organizational culture; how the current culture is viewed and what the preferred culture is. After these results have been collected we will work with you to develop a customized follow-up plan which will help you develop stronger cultural alignment. This tool can be used for either divisions within an organization or as an organization-wide process.   Tell me more!

Developing a Strengths-Based Organization

The Strength’s Based Organization process incorporates both of the above alignment assessments with team strengths-based leadership tools. Together, these processes help create an organization where strengths are understood, strategically utilized and aligned around shared strategy and culture.   Tell me more!