Leadership Solutions

Effective employees know how to lead, how to follow, how to be an effective team member. This requires knowledge of yourself, what your passions are and where your skills lie. It also requires emotional intelligence, the ability to understand and adjust to the unique needs of others.

Leadership Solutions

A 2013 Gallup poll revealed that 70% of the American workforce is not engaged in their work. This staggering statistic reinforces Patrick Lencioni’s leadership belief that “organizational health trumps everything else in business” (The Advantage, 2012).

Our leadership solutions are designed to build internal organizational strength. Often, organizations spend more time developing their organizational roadmap (strategy) than building a strong organizational engine (health and engagement). We can help you facilitate organizational health through our solutions which equip, empower and align individuals and teams to succeed.

Equip: Develop Strengths-Based Leadership Development (Team or Individual)

Each of us is wired to excel in different ways. When our work duties align with our natural abilities we maximize our achievements and have a lot of fun in the process! Effective team members know what they are good at and align their work with these strengths. The Strengths-based leadership development process is based upon extensive Gallup research. The process provides an overview of strengths-based leadership as well as an assessment of participants top five strengths. We then work with participants to develop action plans which apply these strengths to individuals maximum advantage.

The Strengthsfinder tool is an individual assessment, however, the results are maximized when they are shared and applied in a group or a team setting. We use this solution as both a personal coaching exercise, as a team-building experience or a combination of both. The Strengthsfinder process benefits by including post-workshop coaching sessions to help individuals or teams put what they have learned into action.    Tell me more!

Equip: Identify Your Leadership Style

How do you lead? How is your leadership style perceived by others? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership style?

Knowing how you lead and how your style affects others are ingredients of becoming a more effective leader. Through a personal meeting (in-person or via Skype) we will go through a series of leadership assessments which will be used to formulate your personal leadership style. We will review your results with you you personally and also provide a written summary. The process will include a list of resources for further study and tips on how to improve your leadership skills. This process provides even more benefit by including post-workshop coaching sessions to help you apply their learning in the workplace.   Tell me more!

Empower: Develop Emotional Intelligence

Research about emotional intelligence has provided us with a tremendous insight – leadership can be learned! Through a personal assessment, participants will discover their personal benchmarks in six different areas of emotional intelligence. These insights will be used to develop a strategic response. The overall goal is to increase your knowledge about how you are perceived and improve your ability to understand others.    Tell me more!

Empower: Develop Global Leadership Competencies

Increasingly, 21st century leaders must possess skills to work in a global business environment. Whether it is within your personal network or as you interact with multi-national companies, you must understand and be able to appropriately respond to unique differences in leadership, culture and custom. The Global Leadership Competency process is based uponin the largest global leadership research project in history. The GLOBE Leadership Project provides cultural leadership data on over 63 regions of the world. The first phase of this process utilizes this research to help individuals understand their own cultural norms and biases. In phase 2 we identify specific cultures and study their cultural norms as well and preferred leadership styles. This process culminates through the identification of similarities, differences and the development of strategies which equip leaders to be more effective in their work.    Tell me more!

Empower: Coaching

We provide individual coaching to help leaders and team-members be more effective in their work. This typically focuses on the development of leadership self-awareness. In addition, it can be utilized to coach individuals who are encountering difficulties in work or to who need help with a specific project or skill development (e.g. – a new manager, or an employee working in a new industry). Coaching programs can be short 0r long term and are customized based on your needs and priorities.   Tell me more!

Empower: Leadership Action Planning (LAP)

These exercises have been combined into a two-day seminar for a group of participants. The goal of this intensive seminar is to equip individuals to take the next step in their leadership capacity and performance. Participants will undertake significant preparation work before and after the seminar. This includes a 360 degree leadership audit and the development of strengths and opportunities.    Tell me more!