Strategic Solutions

Successful organizations anticipate the future, develop strategic plans which meet the needs of clients and then relentlessly execute them. We help clients with all or aspects of these skills in order to help them attain their goals.

Success requires you to have a unique strategy, a progressive strategy or a mix of both.

Anticipate the future

The pace of change is challenging many traditional strategic planning methods. Strategic foresight is a tool which helps organizations thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace. Foresight helps focus your strategy by considering  longer term planning horizons (5, 10 or 25 years). The foresight process helps organizations identify trends and drivers which are most likely to positively or negatively affect your future. These are used to develop plausible futures for your organization. When these insights are synthesized with the current plan it provides insights about your strategic strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The foresight process helps provide you with an outside-in view of your organization, helps you foster new perspectives and ensures you are not stuck simply doing things the way you have always done them.  The strategic foresight process creates organizational agility and future-readiness which creates strategic advantage.

Foresight solutions can be delivered as a seminar or integrated into strategic planning processes. In a seminar, participants learn about and practice different components of foresight.  Those who undertake the complete foresight process will progress through several stages which examine current strategy, review emerging changes and then apply these insights to the current planning process. Either of these options will utilize planning sessions and exercises which are custom designed to meet your specific objectives and timelines.  Tell me more!

Plan Strategy

Strategy is your formula for success as it sets the direction for a company. Many of the common business decisions such as who to hire, what structure to use and the development of organizational processes all need to be rooted in clear strategy. We work with organizations to either create a new plan, evaluate or adapt existing plans or to develop plans for special initiatives. Projects often begin with an audit or review of the current strategic plan which is combined with a follow-up implementation plan. In other cases, we will work with a specific strategic opportunity or concern and develop strategic direction.  Wherever you are at in your strategic planning process, we are eager to help you improve your strategic direction. Tell me more!

Execute Your Plans

We provide several services to help you put your plans into action:

  • Marketing strategy: Developing the right strategy for your new initiative
  • Writing & editing: Creating organizational thought leadership articles, ghost writing, brochure or marketing content, developing Request for Proposals content or written reports
  • Branding: Developing consistent message, photography, iconography, colors and font usage for your organization
  • Customer service training: Ensuring your team is delivering excellence to your customers inside and outside your organization
  • Secret shopping: Providing assessments of the service that your organization provides
  • Workshops: Training team members in skills your organization needs
  • Coaching: Helping your organizations leaders grow, improve and perform to their maximum potential

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