Enhancing Organizational & Personal Effectiveness

"The greatest competitive advantage a company can achieve is organizational health" (Patrick Lencioni). To achieve this, I use the following solutions.

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Solutions which increase organizational capacity through the development of skilled leaders, followers & teams


Solutions which help organizations adapt to the internal & external demands of growth, and an ever-changing marketplace.


Solutions which create robust strategic direction through thoughtful consideration of the past, the present and the future.


Organizational health is a by-product of building a cohesive leadership team, creating clarity about what your organization will, and will not, do, and equipping people to accomplish these goals. As a business doctor, Dr. Suderman partners with individuals, businesses and boards to improve organizational health and performance. This involves developing your secret recipe for success by uniquely arranging several organizational ingredients.

Your Organizational Secret Sauce

Cooking reality shows create often provide participants the same ingredients and challenge them to create the best dish. It is amazing to see how each chef will create a unique masterpiece despite using the same ingredients. I envision your organization in a similar way. While the ingredients required to create a thriving organizations are the same, the magic is in how you create your secret sauce. This competitive advantage requires the artful and creative mix of the following ingredients.

My Passions

My passions are visually defined in the Suderman Solutions logo.

  1. Progress. The logo forms a forward arrow and I work with clients to ensure continual forward progress. I love organizations that are brave enough to make the changes required to be better.
  2. Partner. Can you find all five squares in the logo? Innovation and success requires artful blending of different perspectives. Uniquely colored squares represent the blending of ideas in order to achieve a breakthrough (represented by the clear box on the left). I love partnering with people committed to working together.
  3. Think. Colors have psychological meaning. Green symbolizes thoughtfulness, growth, and strategy. Effective organizations must think and plan to sustain long-term success. I love partnering with organizations who want to be even more effective.
  4. Act. Orange is the color of action, boldness and excitement. Green planning activities are only useful when they are accompanied by action! I love organizations that are committed to doing what they planned to do.


Suderman Solutions works with a wide variety of organizations. This intentional focus on diversity is a result of a core belief: improving organizational effectiveness is best attained by combining two unique ingredients – your industry expertise with my organizational development skills. Diversity leads to complimentary ideas and perspectives. And this leads to innovation. Most work is done with small to medium sized organizations in the following sectors:

Sales & Service
Colleges & Universities


Dr. Jeff Suderman has over 22 years of administrative experience and has operated Suderman Solutions as the CEO since 2004. Educational achievements include an M.A. in Leadership (Trinity Western University) and a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership and Foresight (Regent University). His work as an adjunct professor (Canada, USA and Europe) in leadership, strategy and organizational development ensure that he is current in business best-practices. He has worked with dozens of clients and conducted hundreds of presentations, training workshops and seminars.


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