Finding the right fit

Good things happen when you love your work

For the past 15 years, I have been partnering with clients to enhance organizational performance. Rather than focusing on a specific industry, I prefer to work with diverse clientele. This intentional focus is a result of a core belief: improving organizational effectiveness is best attained by combining two unique ingredients – your industry expertise and my organizational development skills. Diversity leads to complimentary ideas and perspectives. And these are the ingredients for innovation.

Part of my consulting time is dedicated to teaching and I serve as an adjunct professor teaching graduate courses at universities in the USA, Canada and in Europe. This ensure I am up-to-date with cutting-edge business strategy and also helps me fulfill my passion to train leaders for the future. As a pracademic - a practical academic - I love putting theory to work to solve organizational challenges and seize opportunities.

So what do you love doing? Let's explore how our passions connect.

We may be a good fit if...

You believe that people are your most important asset. And that they do amazing things when equipped with the right strategy.
You have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo. This requires a belief in the change paradox - it's hard...but it's critical!
We like each other. Exceptional results happen when clients enjoy working with me. And when I enjoy working with them.
Click the icon above to review my Curriculum Vitae - a list of professional and academic accomplishments.


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