13 Leadership Lessons: Quotes from day 1 of the International Leadership Conference – San Diego

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As a first-time attendee at the International Leadership Conference, I really enjoyed my first day of sessions. Here are 13 lessons I learned about leadership on spooky October 31!

  1. The crisis of US congress is an issue of followership and not an issue of leadership. Barbara Kellerman
  2. In Japan, middle executives have been to more followership programs than leadership program (on average, they have attended four). In America it is the opposite.  Robert Kelley
  3. Followership is becoming the evolution of leadership. Ira Chaleff
  4. Followers need to speak with greater courage and authenticity Leaders need to reduce followers fear of speaking with greater fear and authenticity. Ira Chaleff
  5. All around the world, followers are getting stronger and leaders are getting weaker. Barbara Kellerman
  6. Followers must be able to utilize intelligent disobedience. We need to raise the next generation to appropriately question authority as well as willingly follow good leadership.
  7. The future of leadership studies will focus on leadership without leaders, without followers and without causality. Richard Cuoto
  8. Leadership is receding and others things are coming forefront.  Barbara Kellerman
  9. Leadership is not about individuals. Barbara Kellerman
  10. Leaders should bridge the gap between what ought to be and what is. Susan Komives
  11. Leadership studies and leadership programs are not necessarily leadership development. Susan Komives
  12. Leadership focuses too much on event making people and not eventful people.  Richard Cuoto
  13. The west possesses a leader-centric culture (that places far to much emphasis on the role of a leader). Ronald Riggio

Stay tuned for an update of day 2!


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